Clay Huckaby and Josh Mackey formed Capital City Public Affairs in 2019 after the successes of the 2018 election. After working many years at other government and public affairs firms, their goal was to form a partnership that would provide unrivaled services and access for their clients, and simultaneously allow them to strategically partner with others who share their vision, ethics, and passion for providing value to clients and elected leaders.

Mr. Huckaby was one of Governor Kemp’s earliest supporters in the election, and now serves as a board member of Keeping Georgia Strong, Inc., a 501c4 in support of policies and issues advanced by Republican leaders like Governor Kemp. Mr. Mackey served as a Senior Advisor to Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan’s successful primary and general election campaigns in 2018, as well as Finance Co-Chair for the General Election.

In 2020, Kash Trivedi joined Capital City as a partner to help further the successful vision of the company, after partnering with Mr. Huckaby and Mr. Mackey with several clients. In addition to Mr. Trivedi’s strong track record in both corporate and consulting positions, he was served as a policy advisor to Governor Kemp’s successful campaign.