Clay Huckaby

Mr. Huckaby utilizes his knowledge of State and Local Government in Georgia along with an understanding of the political landscape of Georgia’s public and private sectors to help clients communicate various positions and market products.

Prior to forming The Huckaby Group and subsequently Capital City Public Affairs, Clay was a Partner at Joe Tanner and Associates from 2003-2016 where he provided Government Affairs Consulting services to clients in the Information Technology, Healthcare, Energy, and Environmental sectors.

Before joining Joe Tanner and Associates, Mr. Huckaby served as the Director of Intergovernmental Relations for the State Department of Administrative Services (DOAS), where he was the liaison between the Department and the Governor’s Office, the Legislature and State Agencies. He worked closely with the Governor’s Office and the Legislature to ensure that the technology services provided by DOAS were maintained and that the staff was able to resolve problems in a timely manner. He also monitored legislation on behalf of the Department and worked with members of the General Assembly on legislation that impacted DOAS and DOAS services.

From 1994 through 1997, Mr. Huckaby was a partner with Cornerstone Communications, an Atlanta based Public and Government Affairs firm. His role at Cornerstone included advising clients on healthcare, environmental, tax and regulatory issues that impacted their ability to do business in Georgia. Likewise, he represented his clients before the Georgia General Assembly and Regulatory Agencies that oversee these issues. In addition, he served as the Executive Director for the Georgia Industry Association and recruited members for the association of Georgia-based manufacturers. The Industry Association was critical to the passage of some of Georgia’s most pro-business legislation and was successful in coordinating coalitions that halted anti-business measures.

Prior to 1994, Mr. Huckaby worked for the Governmental Affairs firm Omni Resource Group. While at Omni, Mr. Huckaby assisted in the legislative counsel for some of Georgia’s largest and most politically active corporate entities. He worked with the Georgia legislature on behalf of Clients in telecommunications, power generation, manufacturing, and agriculture related businesses. It was at this time that Clay honed his legislative skills and established contacts that now allows him to guide clients on a successful legislative initiative without expending unnecessary resources and time.

Mr. Huckaby is a Georgia native and has a Bachelor of Science from Georgia Southern University. He currently serves as Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Georgia Southern Athletic Foundation. He and his wife Debi reside in Athens, Georgia and are the proud parents of three boys and a Great Dane, Blue.