Government Relations

Capital City is one of the most trusted and effective government relations teams in Georgia. Tackling legislative, appropriations, regulatory, and procurement issues across state government, our team has a reputation for tackling difficult issues, investing in our clients causes, and developing winning strategies. Too many firms play the basic moves of the industry and hope the process works out. Capital City’s dedication to winning the day for our clients is why our success is unrivaled and our clients stick with us year over year.

Real Estate and Business Development

Our team has decades of experience in advising private and public sector companies in real estate and business consulting transactions, including advising companies on building community buy-in for projects, gaining state incentives for projects, expediting regulatory requirements, and connecting companies with key players in the development community.

Technology Consulting

Our firm specializes in helping technology and software companies of all sizes develop strategies for working with government agencies. Connecting the right solution to agency services is more difficult than ever. As your services grow and advance, the public sector moves nowhere near as fast and is further behind private enterprise. Whether it is passing legislation for new incentives, enabling opportunities to show ROI, or providing strategic advice on how best to sell new services and offerings to agencies, Capital City has unrivaled expertise and a strong track record of bringing results.

Public Affairs and Persuasion

Policy changes and legislation are not just affected by boots on the ground in the hallways of the capitol, but by concerted efforts in the media and engagement of citizens in the advocacy process. Capital City brings these tools to the table for the benefit of all our clients. With a strong track record of success and involvement in the campaign world, Capital City is able to offer services like crisis communications, grassroots and grasstops consulting, media relations, polling, and direct engagement of voters and citizens in advocacy efforts for their legislative priorities.


Capital City has multi-decades of success advising clients on preparing and winning procurements, from small services contracts to managed care services contracts in the billions. Our success and dedication is valued in the clients we continue to work with and build their reputations and portfolios. Doing business with the State of Georgia should be easier. However, with government often at least 5 years behind the private sector and frequent leadership changes, making your business case to government agencies is never as straight forward as it should be. Capital City works to shape your offerings into a strategy that will be effective, bring a real solution for your government clients, and offer more than just checking boxes.